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Invasive prenatal diagnostics

Swiss Perinatal Institut – Schematische Darstellung der Chorionzottenbiopsie

Schematic presentation of chorionic villous sampling (CVS)

Swiss Perinatal Institut – Schematische Darstellung der Fruchtwasserpunktion

Schematic presentation of amniotic fluid sampling

Chrionic villous sampling (CVS)

Biopsie or puncture of the Chorion (will develop later to placenta) beginning from the 11th week of gestation for. Aspiration of so called chorius villi (cells) for the assessment of the chromosomes. First results are usually received after 48 hours.

Amniotic fluid sampling (Amniocentesis)

Aspiration of amniotic fluid after puncture of the amniotic membrane.
It is normally performed beginning from 16 weeks of gestation. The amniotic fluid sample contains fetal cells from which the chromosomes can be tested. Normally results are presented after 10–12 days.
If amniocentesis is combined with a molecular genetic test (FISH), results are sent by 24–48 hours.

Amniotic fluid samples are also taken for diagnostics or exclusion of fetal infections.

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